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Debut album from New Zealand metal band, Winterborn.


released June 14, 2016

the Dirty Wizards.



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Winterborn New Zealand

Inspired by old and new bands alike such as Sepultura, Gojira, Death, and Lamb of God to name a few; Winterborn fuses thought provoking poetic vocals, old school death/thrash riffs, classic metal/punk drumming, and technical bass lines to create a unique and massive sound of original metal. ... more

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Track Name: Unholy Propaganda
Infiltrating your mind,
unholy propaganda,
controlling every inch of your life,
feeding on you like a cancer.

Weakening you,
to take further their goal,
a plan for world domination,
on the brink of total control.

Blinded and ignorant,
you were a child of destiny,
but nothing that you see is true,
you live in a fickle reality.

Dead before you were born,
indoctrinate begin,
no hope to survive,
no hope to change the fate of mankind.
Track Name: My Own Purgatory
The past still haunting me,
forgive, forget, amend.

Take a look, into your soul,
what have you done,
what have you become.

No way out, from my own hell,
no looking back, I cannot go on.

Waiting for the final word,
memories of my old life eat me away.
Old habits die hard,
let sleeping dogs lie,
is what they say.

Forever I am here, waiting to die,
trapped in my own purgatory.
Track Name: Rolling Thunder
Rolling thunder!
Track Name: Eternal Decay
Take me away from here,
to a place where I can dream,
a place where I can live,
and throw my life away,
into an eternal decay.

I am no longer what you know,
but I no longer care,
I am what I am so fuck you,
and I don't give a fuck what you think of me.

Losing myself in your world,
you are slowly killing me,
but I am addicted to you,
you will never be free of me.

Take me away from here,
to a place where I can dream,
a place where I can live,
and throw my life away,
into an eternal decay.
Track Name: Into the Veil
Fall into the dark, I've walked through time to look for you.
From deep within my mind, in the night I will find, you.

Losing my sanity, all of what created me.
Leaving my body behind, becoming truly empty.

I lost my life, in search of wonder,
no longer within reach, I spiral into the veil,
fall into the pit.
Track Name: A World Apart
Crumble into the ground,
you will not live on,
the end of your chapter,
you will be dead by dawn.

All of you, living a world apart,
holding on to what little hope you have,
you are all doomed.

Day by day we make you suffer,
in the calm lives that you lead,
working our black magic,
to make you cry, make you bleed.

Dive into the afterlife,
we have come and gone,
taking all that we can hold,
leaving you all to die.